Voting Form – Incorporation

As you may be aware, the Logan & Scenic Rim Law Association previously moved and accepted a motion to become an incorporated association.  We have since made our application to the Queensland Government and they have sought an amendment to our application in respect of our preference of names (i.e. whether we wish to be known as Incorporated or Inc etc) which has now necessitated a renewal, of sorts, of our motion and acceptance of same and to formally pass a new resolution recording the passing of this motion. Rather than delay the process to our next AGM, we seek to do this with the most minimal disruption to our members, with the use of technology, through email.

As our valued member, we therefore require your vote to pass the resolution.

In compliance with our legal obligations, we must seek a two-thirds majority of our membership to pass the motion.

We therefore seek your vote to:

  1. Pass a resolution to incorporate the Logan & Scenic Rim Law Association, adopt the proposed rules (as below) and appoint Michele Davis, as President, to make the application to the Queensland Government for such an application for Incorporation.

A copy of the proposed incorporation rules are available here.

Please submit your vote below.

If you have any questions, please contact us to discuss.